Dr. Nam's Koreatown Dental Office

Welcome to Drs. David S. Nam's office. Koreatowns premiere Implant and cosmetic dentists are excited at the possibility of you becoming one of their patients. Located in Los Angeles, both Drs. are fluent in Korean and English. With state of the art technology almost any dental procedure can be completed at their office.

Entering the Dental Office

Here is the view you will see from our front office when you walk in. We strive to present a warm atmosphere that our patients are comfortable with.

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Entering the Dental Office

We are continuously striving to provide our patients with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Come in to see how patients are supposed to be treated.

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Dental Operatories

The Dentists use mainly 2 operatories equipped with large flat screen tv's for interactive learning.

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Cosmetic and Implant Operatories

There are two main operatories. All the operatories are equipped with large flat screen tv's that have educational videos linked to them. This is the way doctors are better able to educate the patient on what is occuring in their own mouthes. The doctors believe educating the patients is important so that they understand and believe in their own treatment.

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Latest Dental Technology

The Nam Dental team strives to have the latest quality products to provide their patients with the best results possible.

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Latest Technology

To help educate the patients and provide a better service to the patient the Nam dental team utilizes digital radiographs. This allows a more accurate and quicker diagnosis of dental disease. As soon as the radiograph is taken the doctor is able to see it on the computer monitor. They can also modify the image to better see any dental decay or gum disease the patient may have.

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